Tips on How to Use a Standing Desk

Tips on How to Use a Standing Desk

The standing desk is a good tool to improve one’s health without leaving your workstation. The standing desk has been popular due to people’s increasing need to stay healthy, especially when people can no longer allocate much time to exercising or going to the gym.

However, improper use of the desk can be detrimental to a person’s well-being. If a person does not allocate time correctly between standing and sitting, there will be more damages than benefits.

What are the ways to properly use a standing desk?

Before using a standing desk, the user must know the proper posture while working on the desk. The proper posture is achieved by squeezing the buttocks together without tucking the pelvis too far in or too far behind.

The muscles in the stomach must also be tight but not too much that strains the abdominal muscles. Shoulders should be rolled back naturally. This is also the same posture when sitting down.

The user must also wear comfortable clothing to work. When using a standing desk, the user must always wear comfortable shoes and clothing that will allow free movement of the arms and legs. Having a standing desk allows the user to move more and encourage blood circulation.

Restricting clothing such as girdles, corsets, high heels or tight shoes will stop blood circulation as well as cause muscle pain in the legs and calves.

There is always the right balance between sitting, standing, and walking. The workspace should provide space for all three activities. Any excess of sitting or standing is bad so the best is to have ample hours for sitting and standing.

Excessive standing for more than half an hour is bad for a person’s health. In other words, standing should not be in excess of four hours in an eight-hour work week. An adjustable work desk is the best way to ensure that standing and sitting can be done at the workstation.

How to ensure good sitting and standing postures

Aside from making sure that the standing desk is used properly, the user must also make sure that the specifications are within reach to ensure that the user can sit and stand for the appropriate number of hours.

The desk should be tall enough for the user to be at eye level of the computer monitor. The height should not be below the level of the user’s elbows. A table with a rounded edge will prevent the wrists from aching.

The monitor should be directly in front of the user and be about an arm’s length away. If the user is wearing glasses, the monitor should have an additional two inches from the arms. The source of light should be at the side and not above the monitor.

For users who use two monitors, the unit that is used more often should be in front of the user. The two monitors should be placed side by side to each other with the edges touching.

The keyboard and the mouse should be close to the user and make sure that the user’s elbows are near the user. If the elbows are too stretched out, then the arms, wrists, and elbows will be strained or have discomfort.

It is also recommended that the keyboard shortcuts should be used more rather than the use of the mouse because the use of the mouse may damage the wrists.

Other key tools like a telephone, notebook, tablet or printed materials should also be placed near the user so that excessive stretching will be avoided. Cradling the phone on the neck is a bad work posture. The best way to use a phone is on speaker or through a headset if writing or computing will be done simultaneously.


The use of the standing desk does not only entail choosing the right table. Having the right tools and placing the gadgets in the right positions will help a lot in making a person’s working posture healthier and burn more calories in the process.

The proper time for standing and sitting should be observed to lessen the risk of over fatigue or muscle strain when using a standing desk. The desk should be adjustable and the height should be appropriate to use whether standing or sitting down.

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