The Best and Most Inexpensive Standing Desk

The Best and Most Inexpensive Standing Desk

Advancing to a more productive mode of work is not an easy task. This is because users have developed a style of work and habits that are not easy to break. Many people will argue that there are more downsides to being ergonomic and the use of a standing table does more harm than good.

However, transitioning to a better and more efficient work method will bring more benefits to the user in the long run because the quality of work eventually improves over time. Bad habits are hard to break but the benefits to a person’s health will be tremendous.

To be able to shift to a more effective work method and to use a standing desk will also mean that the user will have to gamble on changing tables and chairs, which can be expensive.

It will be more practical to keep the risks low and work slowly to help the body and the mind become accustomed to a better working environment. There are many standing desks which are reasonably priced but well-made and will not cause too much pressure on the worker.

Aside from being low-priced, standing desks will be able to save users a lot of medical costs due to the unhealthy effects of using the conventional desk and chair. Productivity is the end-goal of having an ergonomic work area but the primary benefit will always be the security and safety of workers.

What are good and reasonably priced standing desks?

There are many well-respected furniture manufacturers who understand the essence of having an ergonomic workspace. These manufacturers understand that the goal of the desk if for the user to have comfort while working on his or her feet without causing strain or discomfort. These manufacturers ensure that users are comfortable working while standing up.

The most common standing table is the drafting table which is similar to what architects use. For example, the Alvin MiniMaster is below $200 and can be used with any barstool. This table is angled downwards and will give the user comfort while leaning on the table as well as provide ample view of a document being read.

When standing, the drafting table is just the right height and standing will not be uncomfortable since the desk is positioned for the user to feel relaxed even when upright. However, the desk is not good for use of people above 5’9” and is difficult to adjust.

The Ergo Depot Jarvis received good reviews because of its good construction, sturdiness and the fact that it can be adjusted for use standing up or sitting down. The desk has memory presets for an extra charge.

This is a bigger table with fancy accessories and is more expensive. However, it is a wise decision to take since the product is meant to serve the user for a lifetime. The desk can be availed for a cheaper price without the desktop.

There are also a few options from Ikea both in high and low range prices. The professional and high-end Ikea standing desk is the Benkant which looks very professional and has a motorized adjustment system. The cheaper one is the Hack, which is a smaller desk that can be put on a regular desk.

The major advantage of using this cheap standing desk product is that it’s good for beginners and a really good bargain. This is also a good training standing desk that can be used for other purposes should the user decide not to use a standing table.


Using a standing desk will require research and a good deal of planning to make the work area is conducive for work and promotes proper health. The process of making the work area ergonomic is a process and the principle behind it will require dedication and perseverance.

There is no smooth way to transition to a mode of work that is designed for the worker’s total well-being and gambling on expensive standing desks will essentially be a struggle at first.

A standing desk will also be a great way to free up unwanted and space-consuming office furniture and achieving goals for happier workers will surely be attained.

However, because many workers are already accustomed to bad work practices, starting slowly with cheaper products might be a better start. Work will eventually get better and advancement to more sophisticated designs can be done once workers are used to it.

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