Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk Computer Riser Review

Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk Computer Riser

Many people are now discovering the benefits of using a standing desk. The unit gives you the capability to sit and stand while at work and make your hours in the workplace or your own home office healthier for your body.

You can adjust the height of the desk to a standing position if your back and neck feels tired then switch back into a sitting position after a while. Make this arrangement possible now with Rocelco’s ADR Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk Computer Riser.


  • Can accommodate single and dual monitor setups
  • Has roomy, ergonomic keyboard tray
  • Has height adjustment of up to 16.3 inches
  • Has 4 incremental height options
  • Can take in up to 50 lbs.
  • Has sturdy gas spring design
  • Includes strong and durable black metal frame with black finished shelves
  • Desk measures 32 X 20.5 X 16.3 inches while keyboard tray measures 24 X 11.8 inches


Rocelco’s ADR Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk is suggested for individuals who are on the hunt for a standing desk that will not replace their current work desk. The model is stable, flexible and can accommodate both single and dual monitor setups. It is provided with a sizable work area which allows users to place important items on the desk for easier access. It can put up with any size of monitor or laptop.

The unit also includes a retractable keyboard shelf for better ergonomics and comfortable sitting position. The Sit to Stand desk is also one of the very few models that have a retractable keyboard tray. This is convenient particularly if you are dealing with two monitors or a bigger laptop. For easier desktop height adjustment, the unit comes with a gas spring.

You can just exert a downward or upward force on it if you need to readjust the height or change between sitting and standing positions. It includes lock-ring knobs to secure and lock the desktop in place. Users can apply those steps within seconds.

The unit has 5 available height adjustments so you can have a height that will suit your desk. It starts at 6.5 inches and the desk can go up to 16.3 inches.

Furthermore, the model comes in a neutral color black so it will easily blend in with whatever surrounding or office setting. Black is also a very professional color so it can definitely suit office interiors.

If you are not fond of setting up fixtures, then good news for this unit comes fully assembled straight out of the box. You can use it as soon as you unwrap the whole thing and set it up on your current desk.

The desk features a gas spring design for a sturdy build and serves as a mechanism for height adjustment. Furthermore, the frame is composed of a hard wearing black metal frame which lets the desk riser to accommodate heavier loads up to 50 pounds.


Now the Sit and Stand Desk displayed some excellent features and made the transition from sitting to standing position a breeze, but its plastic surface can be at times slippery. For users utilizing a desktop computer, you have to use a mouse pad since the optical mouse will not suit the surface.


Those who make use of a laptop will find the Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk advantageous since it is capable of adjusting fast and it is convenient to the height they require for sitting and standing positions.

The model comes with a reasonable price and it includes all of the basics one needs for a reliable desk riser or standing desk. It is fully assembled too so you won’t have to deal with fussy setup procedures and hard to understand instruction manuals.

Furthermore, it is made with quality parts and has a durable construction which means it is going to provide users years and years of use.

This is a good fixture to have for individuals who spend long hours at work in front of their desktop computers every day. This is also beneficial for people with frequent neck and back conditions since standing every once in a while each day can ease those problems.

It remains sturdy even at its highest position and was easy to lift and lower whenever preferred. If you want a desk riser or standing desk without replacing your current desk, has an affordable price and comes with all essential features, then this Rocelco’s ADR Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk model should be your top choice.

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