ApexDesk GX 36″ Desk Riser, 2-Tier, Dual Monitor Capable Review

ApexDesk GX 36 Desk Riser

Sitting too much can actually lead to serious ailments as research suggests. Most wouldn’t even realize that they are sitting too long, especially during a workday.

Keeping a sedentary position for long hours hinders proper blood circulation, wherein one result is varicose veins. In addition, it can easily lead to bad posture, and eventually puts a strain on your lower back and neck. Experts believe that breaking the cycle by standing up in intervals can easily reduce the risks.

One cannot just stand aimlessly, but you wouldn’t have to. The ApexDesk GX 36″ Desk Riser allows you to aid your posture even while you work. It can be used as a sitting desktop, as well as a standing desk, without making you get away from your tasks. It provides the health benefits reaped from standing without getting in the way of your schedule.


  • Two-tier shelf design
  • Upper tier surface area is 36 inches by 22 inches
  • Lower tier surface area is 24.5 inches by 9 inches
  • Squeeze handle allows for easy height adjustment ranging from 6.5 inches to 16.5 inches in 8 increments
  • Desk is durable and steady even at maximum height position
  • Comes in fully assembled but the two extension plates; easily secured with 6 provided screws
  • Fitted with astrong dual gas spring system to lift the unit, which holds up to 38 lbs.


Sitting for long hours can significantly affect your well-being. It has been known that it can lead to a slower metabolic rate, resulting in you putting on more pounds. Standing while working not only boosts work productivity with better blood circulation, but also reduces the risk of obesity by burning more calories without you even noticing. Even standing for two hours in an 8-hour workday can easily see you reap its benefits. You can even do it in 30-minute increments.

The ApexDesk GX 36″ Desk Riser allows you to change from a sitting position to a standing position even while you work. The dual gas spring mechanism allows you to adjust your desk riser’s height in a matter of seconds. This definitely saves you the cost and time of getting a fixed desk. This way, you would get the benefits of both by just adding the desk riser.

The wide desktop area provided easily accommodates two monitors, or a single monitor and a laptop, with enough room for your office supplies. The surface area of the upper shelf is at 36 inches by 22 inches, while the bottom tier easily accommodates your keyboard and mouse with the surface area of 24.5 inches by 9 inches.

The dual gas spring system allows you to adjust the riser’s height in eight increments from 6.5 inches to 16.5 inches in seconds. The mechanism is rated to hold about 40 pounds of weight. The assist mechanism saves you the cost for opting to buy an electrically powered riser, which costs about three times more.

The ApexDesk GX 36″ Two-Tier Desk Riser comes fully assembled except for the two optional extension plates, which can be easily attached by securing six provided screws should you feel the need for more surface area.


One of its features may be its undoing if it’s not used with proper precaution. The dual gas spring powered mechanism may cloud your judgment that the riser desktop is not all that heavy along with its computer equipment, and could easily drop if you put your weight on it while squeezing the height-adjustment handles. Remember to push forward when you squeeze the handles.


The ApexDesk GX 36” Desk Riser is easily an economical choice without compromising quality. The thick metal frame supports the load without any issues. Both deck tiers are made with high-quality, high-pressure scratch-resistant Melamine laminate, which means it is basically maintenance free.

The desk riser is just one accessory to your desk, but it surely comes in with a lot of benefits. Its relatively low cost allows you to have both the benefits of a sitting desk, as well as a standing desk. The ApexDesk GX 36” Desk Riser allows you to change your position even while you work, within moments of squeezing the height-adjustment handles.

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