All the Good Things About Standing Desks

female architect working at a stand up desk

While sitting for hours might not sound problematic for some people, there is evidence that prolonged sitting at work can boost an individual’s chances of acquiring heart conditions because this leads to a slower blood circulation.

Prolonged sitting has been connected to higher possibilities of acquiring other health conditions too like Type 2 diabetes, muscle strain, cancer and lower metabolism rates. This is the reason why the standing desk was created and further promoted. Using the best standing desk in the office or at home can help reduce risks of those health conditions.

Experts have recommended the use of standing tables at offices and they believe it is a healthier alternative compared to sitting for hours on end. By using this fixture, one can raise their desktop computer or laptop to a strategic height. This setting offers an ergonomic, comfortable and more accessible way to perform work tasks while standing.

Reasons to Get a Standing Desk for your Home or Office

Alternating between sitting and standing can you avoid aches and pains that come from sitting in one position for a long time.  Individuals who often suffer from neck and back strain will highly benefit from standing desks.

Here’s some other reasons to get one.


For an ergonomic working position

Standing desks can help alleviate back and neck strain from sitting too long. Individuals who have problems with their hips might suffer from constant pain if they are not provided opportunities to walk and move about regularly at work. Hence the standing desk will come in handy. You can shift from sitting to standing position for a few hours each day.

Provides ample working space

Standing desks are designed to have enough room for your working implements from monitors or laptops to keyboards and mouse. Some even feature slots for other devices like smartphones or tablets. Hence you will always have enough room to work comfortably and efficiently.

Increase productivity and activity

One of the biggest benefits of standing desks is increased movement and productivity. Because you are more comfortable thanks to switching from sitting to standing position now, your focus will be increased since you are not worrying about bodily strains and aches. You will get more work done easily.

There are plenty of workers who suffer from back pain and people who have made use of the best standing desk reported a reduction in lower back pain after just a few weeks of use. Those who suffer from chronic back pain due to prolonged sitting will benefit from using a stand up desk.

Enhanced mood and energy rate

Working in a more ergonomic and comfortable position will have a positive effect on your mood. There had been claims by users who have noted of a decrease in fatigue and stress due to shifting positions while at work.

Can help reduce the risk of obesity

Weight gain happens when individuals consume more calories than they burn.  In addition to a regular exercise and fitness regimen, opting to stand at work for a few hours can also be beneficial in helping burn calories during the day.  For example, standing for an entire afternoon at work can help burn 170 calories compared to sitting for the same period of time.

Some studies suggest standing can help lower blood sugar levels and heart disease risk

There is a certain study which reported that standing is actually better for the health of an individual. Bus conductors spend most of their time standing and walking around and it was found out that they have half the risk of heart-related conditions and deaths compared to their sitting counterparts, the drivers.

This has prompted scientists and researchers to better investigate the impact of prolonged sitting on the health of the heart and circulatory system.  Dr. James Levine stated in a recent interview that “sitting is the new smoking”.

It was also found out that a high rate of the sedentary period at work or at home is linked with higher risks of acquiring Type 2 diabetes. Using a standing desk in the office or at home can help cut down blood sugar levels.  It also a great way to fight off the urge to take an afternoon nap after lunch.

The sit to stand mechanism is easy to use

Transitioning from a sitting to a standing position might sound complicated for some but using a standing desk is very easy. Adjusting the height of the desk is as simple as shifting levers and in case you worry about pinching or hurting your hands during the transition, you need not worry so because this fixture was designed to be user-friendly.

In fact, there are models that include a built-in braking system so the desk will not roll off of your current desk. There are also workstations that include casters that have lock-in brakes so it will stay in place and at the same time, make it easier for users to move the unit.

Standing desks are available in a variety of sizes as well so it can fit any size desktop computer or laptop. They are often heavy-duty and can take in weight up to 50 pounds. So whatever setup you use, you can easily find one that will suit your needs.

Recommended Accessories for Standing Desks

Investing in standing desk is a great first step in investing in your health.  But if you want to maximize the benefits of a standing desk, there are a variety of accessories to consider.

Here are some examples.

  • Monitor arms

If you are using a desktop computer setup, monitor arms will be a big help. These arms can move up and down and side to side. Mounting your monitor to a monitor arm will ensure that it is positioned in the best ergonomic position and that it will remain stable whenever you switch between sitting and standing positions.

  • Anti-fatigue mats

Those who are currently using standing desks should make use of anti-fatigue mats. The mats are designed in a way that will offer padding to the user’s feet. It can be used in any work setting wherein users will be standing for hours hence they make excellent add-ons for standing desks.

Apart from providing cushioning, the mat will also present a gentle bounce-back that will facilitate users to budge and move their legs muscles and lead to a better blood circulation.

  • Storage

The majority of height adjustable workstations and standing desks do have a shelf or more than one shelf available so users can stash important items on it. However, something more is needed for those who have to deal with a lot of paperwork.

To help with this, there are a number of shelving options available.  There are side shelves that users can add to the standing desk for extra storage.

  • Footstools

An advantage of standing desks is that it lets users shift positions whenever they prefer. If you want more options for the fixture, you can purchase a footstool. You can prop your feet up on the stool when you are sitting but it has an added advantage whenever you are standing too.

If your feet feel tired or you need to reposition yourself but want to remain in a standing position, you can put your foot on top of the stool and it will help you rest your foot a bit while still maintaining your standing position.

Stand Up Desk Options

5 Suggested Standing Desks

Now that we are finished discussing the importance of standing desks, it is time to provide information about recommended models. Here are some models of the fixture which were given good feedback by a number of customers. Choose one among the lot if you are on the hunt for a great model.

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

The Pro Plus 36 is one of the brand’s most sought after models and like any adjustable desk riser, lowering and raising it is quite effortless. It is strong in all positions made available and it also comes fully assembled straight out of the box.

The Pro Plus 36 features a keyboard deck that can be adjusted individually from the desktop deck. This makes for excellent ergonomics so users will feel more comfortable at work. You can get the arm and head angles that you prefer.

However making other movements on the desk like writing notes might pose a challenge for some individuals. As a tip, in case you are taller than 6 feet, you have to measure the height of your desk and the maximum height of the standing desk you are interested in so you can guarantee that the model will be capable of adjusting to a height that is ergonomically comfortable for you.


  • Very strong in any sort of height level
  • Durable and overall excellent construction
  • Requires easy, fast lowering and lifting mechanics


  • It’s heavy so you have to ask another person for help in order to move it
  • Quite pricey

VIVO DESK-V000B Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The VIVO V000B is a standing desk that promises to make your working situation easier and healthier by making easy sitting/standing transitions. Get enough movement by using this standing desk—you can sit or stand within seconds by using a state of the art height lock mechanism.

This can be activated by means of the desk’s pressure handles on every side of the unit. It has a sizable expansive surface that offers ample space for single or dual monitor setups while its lower desk can contain both the mouse and keyboard side by side for an ergonomic, comfortable working space.

The model is made with excellent quality materials and has a strong feel. It was easy setting up the unit up. It provides a good number of level adjustments which can take in the height of any individual or any situation.

The gas springs’ tension can be modified to make lifting the unit easier but it can still readily hold the table securely. Users can also make use of the mouse on the surface of both surfaces without the need for a mouse pad. The lowered position is suggested for easing back and neck strain plus it is affordable to boot.


  • Sturdy and made with top-notch materials
  • Easy to assemble out of the box
  • Has excellent range of height adjustments
  • Surface can accommodate mouse without needing pad
  • Affordable model


  • Using the height adjustment might take some getting used to

FlexiSpot 35-Inch Wide Platform Height Adjustable Standing Desk Riser

The FlexiSpot 35-Inch Standing Desk Riser makes transitioning from a sitting position to a standing position easier for users each and every day at work or at home.

This is unlike other standing desk models available in the market that can swing off of users’ desks in the top position. This particular model can be modified straight up and down and it allows users to remain close to their desk and at the same time, maximize their desk space.

If you are fond of working long hours in the office or at home, a standing desk like this model can ease back and neck strain. You can simply modify the desk riser to stand up and you can continue with your work in an upright position. It has been said that standing desks have huge benefits and due to the ergonomics that fixtures like this provide, your productivity will improve.

The model was able to raise everything in just a single motion and is stable to boot so you can get on with work without being sidetracked by a wobbly desk or objects falling off of it. It has a sufficient work area too and its keyboard tray can accommodate several devices from a mouse, keyboard or a tablet. It even includes a slot for your phone.


  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Has smooth lifting and lowering mechanical motion
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Has a slot for phone or tablet
  • Has a big enough work area


  • Might be expensive for some

Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk Computer Riser

The Rocelco ADR will make life at work much, much easier for individuals who do their jobs in front of their desks all day. With a standing desk/riser on hand, you can sit and stand through the day and gain all the benefits that come from being able to move about and stand in the office. Those short lunch breaks are not enough thus this fixture will give you more time to relax your body from that cramped sitting position and stand for an hour or few while doing your job.

The unit was able to raise the desk and keyboard tray into four extra lifted positions. Users can lift it up to 16.3 inches above their current desks. It has a broad surface and it can contain up to two monitors or a laptop.

At this time, the ADR desk riser is the only model that includes a retractable keyboard tray. The tray lets users get into a more comfortable, ergonomic position and it is also huge enough to contain a laptop computer compared to other models where users might have to move the laptop or the whole riser each time they switch from sitting to standing position.

It makes use of a gas spring mechanism to go up and down and it comes completely assembled too so you won’t have to do additional work.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Has a bigger working surface
  • Includes retractable keyboard tray
  • Offers a smooth up and down transition


  • Plastic work surface can get slippery at times
  • Users have to utilize mouse pad for optical mouse

Stand Up Desk Store 40-Inch Ergonomic Stand Up Desk Computer Workstation

It was said that academics of old made use of standing desks for study and work. This concept is even more useful in these times due to the fast growth of sedentary lifestyles. The standing desk was provided with improvements and thus models these days are presented with ergonomic, more comfortable sitting and standing positions.

Switching between a sitting and standing position have lots of benefits especially for the body. It eases neck and back pain, increases focus and improves productivity.

This model is designed to do all that—provide a space where users can go about with their work without putting so much strain and tension in their bodies. The 40-inch Ergonomic Stand Up desk Computer Workstation includes two upper shelves which are broad enough to contain a monitor and a keyboard.

They can be adjusted up to an inch. Apart from that, the shelves help keep the screen of the computer to a strategic level so users will not get strained at work. It moves smoothly during transitions too. Another bonus—the workstation has 3 casters and two of them having locking brakes. This means moving the unit is made easier.


  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Includes lower rack for computer
  • Well-made
  • Includes 3 furniture casters (2 have locking brakes)
  • Offers excellent, smooth transition


  • Set up requires two people
  • Might be expensive for some


If you spend hours a week at work sitting at a desk, getting a standing desk can have a positive impact on your health.  Long periods of sitting are possibly linked to various health conditions.

A stand up desk is a great way to prevent aches, pains and strains that come from remaining is the same position for long periods of time.  There are many types of stand up desks and accessories available:  freestanding, desktop risers (desk topper), anti-fatigue mats, footrests and monitor stands to help you set up a healthy and comfortable workstation at your office.